FAQ page

1. How to register online in siyasawayamver.com ? 
If you are more than 18 years ,Please go to online Registration Form.Fill it with the required information and submit.After submission of your Form your profile will be automatically created.It will be validated.

2. When does the registration get activated ? 
Once we get your registration Form ,we will review and approve your profile with in 48 hours.Then you can start using our services online.

3. What are the benefits of Registering on siyaswayamver.com ? 
You have to registered member to use our website,without registration you can't access.After registration you can search and view unlimited profiles and express interest .

4. What are the benefits of the siyasawayamver.com ,paid membership ? 
Paid members can view the contact details of registered members and intiate contact with them .They can start to exchange their views, and move ahead for relationship.

5. How to Delete /Cancel my Profile ? 
If you get your marriage partner and going to marry in very near future ,or any other reason ,please send a email to us with your ID, We will delete or cancel your profile from our site within 48 hours.

6. How can I avail offline assistance / Help ? 
Kindly drop a mail at support@siyaswayamver.com anytime for any help regarding for your right match .

7. Can I add my success storey ? 

Yes,if your marriage has been finalised with the help of siyaswayamver.com ,and you wish to share your storey with others ,you can put your words in "SUCCESS STOREY " column. or send amail to us .